About Me

Tom SpackmanWhile completing his Bachelors in Music Education at the University of South Carolina, Tom Spackman worked as an apprentice teacher at the Early Childhood Music Development Center. Tom also taught a group of toddlers and documented his findings in his Honor’s College thesis. He also spent a year studying traditional Irish music and ethnomusicology at The University College Cork in Cork, Ireland. After graduating from USC, Tom worked as a professional musician before moving to Dubai where he taught early childhood music and high school Multimedia IT at Dubai American Academy. He now lives in Amsterdam and is the early childhood music teacher at the American School of the Hague.

Tom is particularly interested in the development of the musical mind and finding how its development mirrors that of language and technological literacies. He is motivated to find new ways to engage students with their cultural backgrounds and current cultural contexts in mind. In this rapidly changing world technology is being integrated into everyday life and finding authentic ways to take advantage of new tools for educational purposes presents a particularly stimulating challenge. Tom hopes to move beyond his interests in music, culture, and technology and find ways to help others take full advantage of what this new world has to offer.



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